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Clinical practice is a team work. To have the best clinical practice, one need to have right professional partners in one’s field. Joint Clinical Practice International (JCPI) is the physicians’ organizational program where one may find professional partners for best clinical practice in global range…

Our Vision:

Every person deserves the highest quality of the concurrent health care.

Every health care provider should be empowered with the competence for best clinical practice.

Our Mission:

To facilitate every health care provider to find his/her best colleagues and resources to work together as a team for his/her best possible clinical practice.

The Tasks of JCPI:

√ to assist clinical physicians

for having the most advanced medical knowledge and the highest quality of skills and professional supports for their clinical practice;

√ to facilitate professional partnership

and reciprocal professional expertise supports among clinical physicians;

√ to assist patients

for their health care management;

√ to facilitate the communications

between  physicians and patients, efficiently and effectively, and therefore a better health care.