Categries of Primary Health Care:

  1. General Health Care
  2. Primary Gynecology and Obstetrics
  3. Primary Pediatrics
  4. Primary Vision Care
  5. Primary Dental Care
  6. Primary Skin Care & Dermatology

JCPI Programs:

  1. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and standards, integrated with MedLink, the working platform for clinical physicians’ daily practice;
  2. Professional training and authentication programs;
  3. Institutional authentication programs.
  4. Partnership building programs for clinical practitioners.

General Guidelines and Supports

  1. Quality Assurance System for Clinical Documentation
  2. Quality Assurance System for third-party independent service (for service providers)

Specific Guidelines and Supports

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy Image Reading for Primary Care
  2. Diabetic Retinopathy Image Reading for Ophthalmic Practice
  3. Diabetes Care Quality Assurance System

Clinical Decision Supporting System Development Programs

  1. Knowledge-based Clinical Decision Supporting System: Also called Passive Clinical Decision Supporting System (P-CDS)
  2. Physician-based Clinical Decision Supporting System (A-CDS) : also called Active Clinical Decision Supporting System (A-CDS)

CME Programs

  • The continuing medical education and training programs (CME) will bring members with more professional capability and career development opportunity.

MedLink Health Systems (

  • MedLink Professional (
  • MedLink Personal Health Management (

MedLink Practice (

  • An organizational service to support clinicians’ independent clinical practice.